The beauty of grey’s, beige and green’s

Interior design trends encourage us to use nature inspired products in our homes. Calm colors, such as grey’s, beige, blue-grey’s and green’s bring’s peaceful atmosphere into the interiors. Different shades of the colors allows to create layers and natural patters creates interesting touches into the space.

When we think about nature inspired space we automatically assume that space will be in row nature style, urban jungle or boho. All of these style are cozy and very personalized. However even lovers of the glamours style could create beautiful interiors influenced by natural palette.


The row natural design style is strongly inspired by organic shapes and forms. The row, unfinished wood, cotton or linen fabric are a must.

Natural Glamour

It’s easy to create elegant, luxury bedroom inspired by our peaceful color palette. Small touches such as: sophisticated bed, touch of shining chrome, beautiful wallpaper will create bedroom of your dreams.

Maison de Reve offers a few stunning beds that will help you to create timeless bedroom of your dreams.


Tribeca bed is a great example of timeless elegance. It’s simple with clean lines; however luxurious velvet and elegant touches in the spaces truly showcase it’s possibilities.

This bed is versatile: the ambiance will define if the bed will look modern, boho or glamorous.


Handmade tufting and organic shape of the bed makes it look rich, yet not overwhelming. Upholstered in natural fabric offers down to earth feel not compromising on the style.

Delight bed, like all beds in the collection, is available as hotel like continental bed or with two storage containers for additional storage.


Kubric bed is less formal with organic shape. It will be great addition to row, boho or industrial spaces. Soft textiles, natural color wood and nature inspired art brings what’s the best in it.

Bedroom designed in calm, soft colors will be timeless and cozy. It’s true character shall be created by the owner; the personality of the space is made by us. Wallpaper, night stands, textiles and wall art will determine the actual style and feel of the space. Even with very subtle palette could be row, boho, modern, glamour or even industrial.

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