Discover a style that perfectly reflects the spirit of a big city.

Empire State building, Chrysler building, Eiffel tower – were always an inspiration for interior designers. Their impact on skyline of the cities is undeniable; lets try to transfer that energy and beauty into our living space.

The skyline

The first step is to create our private skyline of the space. Furniture and accessories, inspired by the metropolitan architecture, are characterized by contrasting color combinations and simple, expressive forms. This ubiquitous geometry adds an arrangement of modern character, typical of modern metropolises.

The metropolitan living room

The star of the living room is the sofa. Pick a simple form, well designed in high quality upholstery. Combine the sofa with geometric coffee table and simple, with a touch of shimmer – rug.

The metropolitan dining room

Subdued colors, geometric forms – pick the dining table that has some architectural elements. Dining chairs should be elegant, upholstered in high-grade fabric. Combination of natural wood, metal on the table with rich and soft velvet is always good idea.

The art

Black and white photography of the metropolitan architecture or skyline of the city is a great add on to the space. Magnificent buildings of famous metropolises look gorgeous on the black and white photos, and their colors match beautifuly the color scheme.

These photos will decorate the interior and strengthen its metropolitan chic

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