Quality – Superb craftsmanship

We have a passion for excellence. Our products are being tested by professional quality controllers to meet the highest quality standards. We are proud that all our furniture are being handmade in Europe by finest craftsman’s.

Solid beech wood frame – all our furniture are build on solid beech wood frames. No compromise there. Of all wood joinery methods, the through dovetail may be the most revered. A classic through dovetail is beautiful and very strong and adds a touch of class to any piece. The furniture frame is build to last for years.

Foam and padding – we using variety of different types of foams to assure comfort and long lasting shape. All type of foams and padding used in our furniture are being tested by professionals.

Belts and springs – most of our furniture has additional support of belts and springs for long lasting shape, style and comfort.

Luxury fabric – from the linen to velvet, eco-leather to felt – all our fabric needs to meet very high standards of durability. Fabric are being tested on abrasion, pilling, color fastness to light and rubbing resistance.

Design – we love what we do and it shows! Our furniture are designed in Europe and is being influenced by European diversity. The touch of Scandinavian minimalism and simplicity, then some glamorous details of wonderful classic French style, a bit of bold and colorful Spanish flavor is what inspire and delight us.

About us

JohnsonStyle infuses creativity into living spaces and offers quality, impeccable taste and uniqueness.

Quality – our wood is carefully selected. We believe that European hardwoods such as birch or oak, are the best and the most suitable materials for our climate.

The natural beauty of this variety of wood adds warmth, richness, elegance and distinctive character to your home.

Impeccable taste – our designers love what they do and it shows! Every detail on your chair or sofa is selected with love and passion for style and comfort.

Uniqueness – we live in era where is difficult to distinguish copy from the original idea. We love being inspired by great design and we love to inspire other.  Our goal is to deliver original and uncommon products.


Our collection is available at carefully selected dealers only. To find out were you can find out dealer in your area, please fill out the form below. If you prefer reaching out to us directly, you can use the form below or call us at +48 730 11 77 88 or by email sales@johnsonstyle.com

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